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Cable wakeboarding is one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing watersports. 

We use an overhead cable which pulls you over the surface of the water, giving riders a similar feeling to surfing or snowboarding. All of the Wild Shore wakeboarding instructors are fully trained and qualified IWP Cable Operators and will give you the very best 1 on 1 instruction.



Wakeboarding is a highly inclusive sport, providing a great experience for complete beginners to experienced riders alike. The Wild Shore team are there to help – and will always aim to get beginners standing up with in their first lesson.



15 minutes // 6 years +

(includes all kit hire)

Our Single Lessons consist of a 15 minute session , fully instructed by a Wild Shore staff member. Whether you are a complete beginner looking for a taster session or an experienced rider simply looking to get out on the water and develop your skills, the single lesson can be tailored depending on your goals.



30 minutes // 6 years +

(includes all kit hire)

Our Double Lesson is perfect for both beginners and experienced wakeboarders. It includes two fully-coached 15 minute sessions. If it is your first time, our Wild Shore instructors will start by giving you a short dryland lesson to let you know the basics before getting into your board. You can do your two lessons back to back or you may prefer to have a gap in between the two sessions. Please specify this when booking. 

Jonty Storey © Wild Shore Dundee 06-23--136.jpg


5 session for £80

(5 x 15min sessions) 

10 sessions for £140

(10 x 15min sessions) 

Jonty Storey © Wild Shore Dundee 06-23--97.jpg
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